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INTERNSHIPS – Learning by doing 2020

INTERNSHIPS – Learning by doing 2020INTERNSHIPS – Learning by doing 2020

Short internships for the CRG-CNAG PhD students, Postdocs, and Technicians

Whether you aim to become an independent investigator in academia, a project leader in industry or a research manager, gaining complementary abilities and practical experience will enhance your competitive advantage at each career step.

Young researchers have access to training on transferrable skills but often lack opportunities to apply learned skills, which would effectively boost their career options, outside their experimental work. To overcome this gap the International and Scientific Affairs Department (ISA) offers short internships where PhD students, postdocs and technicians could acquire practical skills in running ‘’mini projects’’ according to their time availability and interest while still being engaged in research. The outcome of these internships has to be valuable for both the interns and for the hosting department.

In the ISA department, interns can learn about:

  • Different aspects of scientific research management,
  • Coordination of international projects,
  • Organization of different events,
  • Preparation and implementation of training activities for scientists.

You can also learn more about ISA department by reading their blog:  Affair(e)s in science.

Who can apply?

Internships are available for PhD students, postdocs and technicians at the CRG-CNAG who would like to build on their competences and get practical experience in ‘’mini projects’’ while still being engaged in research. The projects will be developed under the supervision of the department members and carried out within a flexible framework allowing the intern to continue their current principal job and research.

How to apply?

Please register HERE by 17th March 2020. After the deadline, you will receive further instructions.  

For any additional information, please contact Anna and Damjana at: