Ben Lehner elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences


Vie, 19/05/2023 - 09:54

Ben Lehner elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Ben Lehner has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, a scientific independent organisation which recognises biomedical and health research in the United Kingdom. Dr. Lehner is one of 59 Fellows elected to the Academy this year, joining a prestigious network of 1,400 esteemed researchers across the UK and the wider world.

Dr. Lehner, also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society last week, is co-coordinator of the Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology research programme at the Centre for Genomic Regulation. Recently, Dr. Lehner has also opened a research group in the Human Genetics Programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge to scale up his genomics research and the application of methods developed in Barcelona.

Dr. Lehner has been recognised for his exceptional contributions to the advancement of biomedical and health science made during his 15-year-long research career at the Centre for Genomic Regulation, where he has carried out fundamental discoveries in genetics concerning mutations and how they interact to determine the biology of individuals.

Early during his career, he provided the first genome-scale map of how mutations interact in animals, revealing new insights into how mutations rate varies. He also demonstrated that long-lasting trans-generational epigenetic memory of environmental change is possible. Dr. Lehner has also developed new methods to map long-range ‘allosteric’ communication in proteins, also known as the ‘second secret of life’. The identification of allosteric control sites is very important for drug development.

ICREA Research Professor Ben Lehner FRS FMedSci says:

“It’s really great to see our curiosity-driven blue skies research in yeast, worms and computers recognised by the Academy of Medical Sciences. I’m lucky to have worked with many great lab members and colleagues over the years and to have had the freedom to spend my time trying to answer fundamental questions about genetics and biology.”

Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said:

“These new Fellows are pioneering biomedical research and driving life-saving improvements in healthcare, from understanding the spread of infectious diseases to developing mental health interventions. It’s a pleasure to recognise and celebrate their exceptional talent by welcoming them to the Fellowship. “This year, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. The Fellowship is our greatest asset, and their broad expertise and dynamic ability has shaped the Academy to become the influential, expert voice of health. As we look to the future, the collective wisdom our new Fellows bring will be pivotal in achieving our mission to create an open and progressive research sector to improve the health of people everywhere.