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COURSES@CRG: Chromosomal Conformation

COURSES@CRG: Chromosomal ConformationCOURSES@CRG: Chromosomal Conformation

27/09/2015 to 02/10/2015
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COURSES@CRG: Chromosomal Conformation

CRG, Barcelona


Davide Bau, CRG-CNAG
François Le Dily, CRG
François Serra, CRG-CNAG
Gaetano Verde, CRG
Miguel Beato, CRG


Description and goals

The eukaryotic genome is non-randomly organized in a hierarchy of structures: chromosomes territories, which occupy preferential positions within the interphasic nucleus, are segmented into topological domains where loops between enhancer and promoters are favored. Such organization plays important roles in the processing of the genetic information including replication and gene transcription. The Chromosomal Conformation Course at CRG will provide an overview of different methods to study the three-dimensional organization of the genome. The participants will have the opportunity to learn how to perform Chromosome Comformation Capture (3C) experiments and to generate Hi-C samples as well as to learn the computational methods required to analyze such data. The course will be complemented by lectures of several internationally renowned researchers in the field that will touch different aspects of the 3D organization of genome. 

The course will be divided in two practical sessions: 

  1. In the first session the participant will perform 3C and Hi-C experiment and will focus on the quality controls that are required prior to sequence the libraries. 
  2. The second session will be dedicated to the post-sequencing quality controls and the analysis of hi-C data through the use of a dedicated pipeline. 



Ana Pombo, MDC, Berlin, Germany
Kerstin Bystricky, University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France
Luca Giorgetti, FMI, Basel, Switzerland
Marc Marti Renom, CRG-CNAG, Barcelona, Spain
Sandra Peiró, IMIM, Barcelona, Spain



Davide Bau, CRG-CNAG
François Le Dily, CRG
François Serra, CRG-CNAG
Gaetano Verde, CRG
Gloria Mas, CRG
Yasmina Cuartero, CRG-CNAG


Target audience:

This course is targeting junior researchers (PhD students, Postdocs, PIs) with interests in the Chromosome Conformation analysis.


5 days: Starting on Monday September 28th at 9 a.m and finishing on Friday October 2nd at 7 pm.

Number of participants: 16

Registration fee: 500 Euros for academic researchers, 1000 Euros for industry (includes participation in workshop, all the necessary tools to follow the course, didactic material, coffee breaks, and lunches). There will be two travel grants (waving the registration fees). 

Registration Opens: 7th May 2015

Registration Closes: 5th July 2015

Selected Participants are communicated: 10th July 2015 and will have to confirm before 15th July.

Payment has to be done before 31st July 2015


 Dr. Aiguader 88
08003 Barcelona

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