Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme

What is "Mentoring"?

"A confidential one-to-one relationship in which an individual uses a more experienced person as a sounding board and for guidance. It is a protected, non-judgmental relationship, which facilitates a wide range of learning, experimentation and development. It is built on mutual regard, trust and respect". (Business Wales 2013)

Introduction to the CRG Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme aims at helping young scientists in their Career Development. This will be done by tapping into the expertise of senior scientists. New types of relationships will be set up, based on learning and sharing of experiences. This will bring many benefits to the people participating and to the organization as a whole.

Our long term objectives

  • To sow seeds for science in the future; train excellent people and send them out into the world to make their mark
  • To encourage young scientists to focus on reaching roles at senior levels in scientific organizations in front-line research, science policy, the private sector, management and leadership
  • To recognize what it takes to be a successful leader in science and the private sector
  • To encourage greater pro-activity with regard to career management
  • To increase the provision of high quality feedback that is shared as part a scientist's professional development
  • To help individuals who show potential, to seek support from senior team members and to learn what steps to take, to best advance their careers
  • To build on the reputation of the CRG as an excellent place to work for young scientists and to attract people with strong profiles to apply for research positions

Benefits of the Mentoring Programme for the Mentees

Greater Self Awareness: mentoring aims to build self confidence and self esteem by exploring the mentees awareness of their knowledge, skills, abilities and aptitudes

Broaden Horizons: by sharing ideas with a Mentor, Mentees will be able to question some of the self-limiting beliefs and career myths which can hold them back

Realisation of goals and Achievements: by exploring in-goals and achievements with an experienced scientist, Mentees are more likely to set challenging and attainable goals for the future

Networking: mentoring offers the opportunity for Mentees to be introduced to a wider range of professionals through their Mentor's professional network

Enhanced Career opportunities: by increasing Mentees ability to develop professionally reviewed CVs and sharpening of their self promotion skills

Ability to manage change: working with a more experienced scientist offers the opportunity to identify successful practices for managing changes and transitions at key life intervals

Eligibility criteria & commitment involved

  • The CRG Mentoring Programme is open to CRG Postdoc Scientists who have an interest in further developing themselves through the Mentoring programme
  • The edition of the programme will run for 12 months
  • Both Mentors and Mentees are expected to attend preparation and follow-up workshops
  • After these preparation sessions, each Mentee will be offered three options to choose his/her Mentor.
  • The form and frequency of the interactions between Mentors and Mentees will vary although recommendations will be provided
  • It will be the responsibility of Mentees to establish and maintain contact with their Mentor.
  • Confidentiality agreement Mentors and Mentees should identify any areas of confidentiality at the outset of the relationship.
  • Parties may decide to foster an on-going relationship once the programme has terminated.

Becoming a Mentee…How to register?

You can register online through CRG intranet here

Please note that only CRG Postdoc Scientists can register to this program

Contact person

Isabelle Vernos