The Gender Balance Committee is pleased to organise and offer seminars and activities to the CRG community related to the Women in Science topic.

International Men's Day 2018

On 19th of November we organised an event to celebrate the International Men's Day 2018.

To promote gender equality, we showed some videos to raise awareness on how gender stereotypes and sexism affect not only women, but all of us.

The video clips were followed by a general discussion while having a piece of cake and sharing a coffee together.
When? 19th of November, 14:00 h
Where? Ramon y Cajal Room, PRBB

International Women's Day 2018

The CRG Gender Balance Committee is pleased to invite you to the annual celebration of the International Women’s Day. Due to the general strike, this year we would like to welcome you on the 7th of March to a coffee session at 2pm, Aula room (4th).

TEDx talk + short movie will we shown and it will be followed by a round-table. The TEDx talk  addresses the importance of male support in the feminism movement. For this reason we encourage men to attend! 

We need unity to achieve equality!




Wednesday, May 25th, 2016: Virginia Valian

The CRG Gender Balance Committee is pleased to host Dr. Virginia Valian, Distinguished Professor. Department of Psychology-Hunter College, USA, talking about:

"Remedying the (Still too) Slow Advancement of Women"

Visit the Hunter College, The City University of New York, Gender Equity Project here, led by Dr. Virginia Valian, to get inspiration on leading the way in demolishing the glass ceiling for academic women scientists. You will find detailed information, initiatives, resources, videos and more.

Why so slow?

Would you like to know why do so few women occupy positions of power and prestige? We would like to recommend you the book Why so slow? where Dr. Virginia Valian uses concepts and data from psychology, sociology, economics, and biology to explain the disparity in the professional advancement of men and women.



Tuesday, March 08th, 2016: International Women's Day

The CRG Gender Balance Committee is pleased to invite you to celebrate with us the International Women’s Day on March 08th with a half day event aimed at discussing the challenges and promoting the role of Women in Science.

·Incubating knowledge/scientists: some steps to benefit from human talent at CRG, by Beatriz Revelles and Ana María González, UOC
·The invisible work of ‘invisible’ female scientists by María Domínguez, CSIC-UMH, Alicante



Wednesday, January 13, 2016: WOSS Presentation

The CRG Gender Balance Committee was pleased to invite you to the presentation of the Women in Science Support Grant (WOSS) initiative at the CRG, followed by the talks of Montserrat Vendrell and Gerlind Walllon.

For access to presentations click here to go to intranet.