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PRBB-CRG Sessions

PRBB-CRG Sessions

Scientific sessions of the PRBB centres funded by the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park


12/12/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsVadim GladyshevDivision of Genetics, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston USA"Genomics of Aging"Host: Roderic Guigó (CRG)

16/12/201612:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsGunter WagnerDepartment of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, New Haven US"The Origin and Evolution of Cell Types"Host: James Sharpe (CRG)Abstract:One of the major trends in the evolution of animals and plants is the increase in the number of individualized cell types. In this talk I will introduce an evolutionary cell type concept and then present a research program aiming at understanding the molecular basis for the origin of novel cell types. The empirical work is focused on the origin of a cell type that originated with the evolution of eutherian pregnancy, the decidual stromal cell [DSC] of...

13/01/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJung Kyoon ChoiDepartment Bio and Brain Engineering, KIAST, South Korea"Chromatin structure–based prediction of recurrent noncoding mutations in cancer"Host: Roderic Guigó (CRG)Abstract:Recurrence is a hallmark of cancer-driving mutations. Recurrent mutations can arise at the same site or affect the same gene at different sites. Here we identified a set of mutations arising in individual samples and altering different cis-regulatory elements that converge on a common gene via chromatin interactions. The mutations and genes identified in this fashion showed strong relevance to cancer, in contrast to noncoding mutations...

16/01/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMaurice Hayot / Pascal PomièsPhyMedExp, INSERM U1046-CNRS UMR9214, Université de Montpellier FR"Antioxidant to improve rehabilitation in COPD patients: from clinical research to basic science"Host: Joaquim Gea/Esther Barreiro (IMIM)

20/01/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAdrian BrackenTrinity College Dublin IE"Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 in Stem Cells and Cancer"Host: Luciano di Croce (CRG)Abstract:
The Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2) is a multiprotein chromatin modifying complex that is essential for vertebrate development and differentiation. It is composed of a trimeric core of SUZ12, EED and EZH1/2 and is responsible for catalysing both di- and tri- methylation of Histone H3 at lysine 27 (H3K27me2/3). Both H3K27 methylations contribute to the role of PRC2 in maintaining cellular identity. In all cell types, the H3K27me3 modification is associated with repression of genes encoding...

12/02/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAndrea MiglianoEvolutionary Anthropology, University College, London UK"to be determined"Host: Jaume Bertran-Petit (UPF)

10/03/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAndrew FireStanford Medicine Stanford University"to be determined"Host: PhD Students

13/03/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsGuido BarbujaniFerrara University, IT"To be determined"Host: Jaume Berntranpetit (UPF)

17/03/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAntonio GiraldezYale School of Medicine, Yale University USA"to be determined"Host: Manuel Irimia (CRG)

21/04/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMagdalena Zernicka-GoetzUniversity of Cambridge, Department of Phisiology, Development and Neuroscience, Cambridge UK"to be determined"Host: PhD Students

24/04/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsElaine DzierzakProfessor of Haematological Regeneration, University of Edinburgh UK"to be determined"Host: Anna Bigas (IMIM)

28/04/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsNicholas LuscombeThe Francis Crick Institute, London UK"to be determined"Host: PhD Students

08/05/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsPieter Rien ten WoldeAMOLF Institute, Amsterdam NL"to be determined"Host: Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo (UPF)

02/06/201712:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsHans SchollerDepartment of Cell and Developmental Biology, Max Planch Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, München DE"to be determined"Host: Juan Valcárcel (CRG)

19/06/201712:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAldofo FerrandoInstitut for Cancer Genetics, Columbia University USA"to be determined"Host: Anna Bigas (IMIM)