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PRBB-CRG Sessions

PRBB-CRG Sessions

Scientific sessions of the PRBB centres funded by the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park


28/10/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsDaniel SageBiomedical Imaging Group, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland"Image Processing and Image Analysis for Light Microscopy - Selected Topics"Host: Timo Zimmermann (CRG)Abstract:Recent advances in microscope technology combined with new digital tools now provide outstanding images (3D, time-lapse, multichannel, fluorescence), allowing us to address fundamental questions in developmental biology, molecular biology and neuroscience. The analysis of this unprecedented flow of imaging data requires the development of sophisticated software packages to numerically reconstruct images and to automatically perform...

11/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAzim SuraniThe Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge UK"to be determined"Host: Bernhard Payer (CRG)

14/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsLudovic DerianoLymphocyte Development & Oncogenesis Lab, Immunology Department, Institut Pasteur, Paris FR"to be determined"Host: José Yélamos (IMIM)

25/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsGaby MaimonLaboratory of Integrative Brain Function, The Rockefeller University, New York USAProbing the neurophysiology of cognition in DrosophilaHost: Matthieu Louis (CRG)Abstract:Mammalian brains store and update quantitative internal variables. Primates and rodents, for example, have an internal sense of whether they are 1 or 10 meters away from a landmark and whether a ripe fruit is twice or four times as appetizing as a less ripe counterpart. Such quantitative internal signals are the basis of cognitive function, however, our understanding of how the brain stores and updates these...

28/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsHerbert LevineRice University. Houston USA"to be determined"Host: Antonio García de Herreros

16/12/201612:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsGunter WagnerDepartment of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, New Haven US"to be determined"Host: James Sharpe (CRG)