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PRBB-CRG Sessions

PRBB-CRG Sessions

Scientific sessions of the PRBB centres funded by the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park


30/05/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsThomas HartungEvidence-based Toxicology, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Baltimore USA"to be determined"Host: Ferran Sanz (IMIM)

02/06/201612:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsTimothy MitchisonDepartment of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston US"Physiology and pharmacology of microtubules"Host: Vivek Malhotra (CRG)

03/06/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJana WolfMathematical Modeling of Cellular Processes, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin DE"Analysing NF-¿B signalling and gene regulation using computational models"""Host: Manuel Irimia (CRG)Abstract:Signalling pathways are involved in the regulation of fundamental cellular processes by controlling the differential expression of target genes. Aberrant activations are associated with various disease states. I will focus on the NF-kB pathway and analyse the regulation of pathway readouts and gene regulation by addressing the...

06/06/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsDiego L. MedinaTelethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM)-Fondazione Telethon"to be determined"Host: Ángel Raya (CMRB)

13/06/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJulian SaleMRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK"to be determined"Host: Jose Yélamos (IMIM)

17/06/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsRita PerlingeiroStem Cell and Regenerative Cardiovascular Medicine Department, University of Minnesota US"to be determined"Host: Marina Raya (UPF)

20/06/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMichael KybaLillehei Heart Institute, Sant Paul US"to be determined"Host: Pura Muñoz (UPF)

27/06/201612:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsFrancisco J.M. MojicaAlacant UniversityCRISPR-Cas systems, from prokaryotic immunity to biotoolsHost: Robert Castelo (UPF)

01/07/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJürgen CoxMax Planck Institute of Biochemistry, München DE"to be determined"Host: Eduard Sabidó (CRG)

08/07/201612:00RAMÓN Y CAJALPRBB-CRG SessionsVincenzo CostanzoIFOM - Fondazione Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare, Milan IT"Understanding DNA metabolism using a vertebrate cell free system"Host: Luciano di Croce (CRG)Abstract:Functional and biochemical characterization of essential gene products involved in DNA replication, DNA repair and DNA damage response are incomplete due to a lack of model systems that recapitulate their role without impacting on cell viability. Over the past few years we have developed several assays based on the Xenopus laevis egg cell-free extract to study the role of essential DNA metabolism proteins. This...

11/07/201612:00CHARLES DARWINPRBB-CRG SessionsJulie SimpsonMolecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara US"to be determined"Host: Matthieu Louis

15/07/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMitch GuttmanDivision of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology US"to be determined"Host: Tomas Graf (CRG)

09/09/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsKarsten WeisInstitut of Biochemistry, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich CH"to be determined"Host: Manuel Mendoza (CRG)

19/09/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsGiannis VogiatzisNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Thorax Foundation, Athens, Greece"to be determined"Host: Esther Barreiro (IMIM)

30/09/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMaria BarnaStanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford US"to be determined"Host: Fátima Gebauer (CRG)

28/10/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsSage DanielBiomedical Imaging Group (EPFL) Lausanne CH"to be determined"Host: Timo Zimmerman (CRG)

04/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMalin ParmarDevelopmental and Regenerative Neurobiology, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University SE"to be determined"Host: Laura Batlle (CRG)

11/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAzim SuraniThe Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge UK"to be determined"Host: Bernhard Payer (CRG)

18/11/201612:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsSuzana HadjurCancer Institute, University College London UK"to be determined"Host: Guillaume Filion

16/12/201612:00PRBB AuditoriumPRBB-CRG SessionsGunter WagnerDepartment of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, New Haven US"to be determined"Host: James Sharpe (CRG)