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Workshop: Scientific Careers inside and outside academia

Workshop: Scientific Careers inside and outside academia


Workshop: Scientific Careers inside and outside academia

Bioinformatic Room (468)

Do you have enough information about potential careers inside and beyond academia?

Are there professional opportunities for PhDs outside the academic world?

How is that job market?

Are PhDs really valued in industry?

Is it possible to combine work in the lab with a hobby that could lead you to a new professional path?

How to network efficiently?

These are all questions that you might have wondered at least once in your life as a PhD students and/or a postdoc. The workshop Scientific careers inside and outside academia has the right answer to most of them! 

Why participate?

All these questions and many others related to PhD employability will be discussed in this workshop. During this session, we will explore who we are, what kind of career we envision for us and the strategies needed to secure a fulfilling professional career. In this workshop, we will combine individual and team work, learning from inspiring real examples of transition and acquiring tools that will help us to open our minds to new professional challenges.

Duration of the course:

3,5 hours (10 am-1:30pm): Tuesday 12th December 2017 in the Bioinformatics room (468).

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for the Postdocs and PhD students who wish to gain more insight about different career options that are available inside and outside academia.

Trainer: Manolo Castellano, PhD (

Register here:

Registration: The number of participants will be limited to 20. Registration deadline: 6th of December 2017.





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