Grants Office

Grants Office

Mission and services

The mission of the Grants Office is to proactively support the CRG community in securing competitive funds for research and institute-related activities, as well as to manage the principal investigators’ core and external funding, in compliance with the terms and conditions of the funding agencies, and to offer individualized professional support throughout the life cycle of each funded project.

The services offered by the Grants Office are:

  • to act as a liaison between the CRG community on the one side and the funding agencies or sponsors/donors on the other side
  • to identify and effectively disseminate the most suitable funding opportunities for the CRG community
  • to provide comprehensive support in the preparation and submission of proposals and in grant acceptance
  • to fulfil administrative and reporting requirements of the funding agencies or sponsors/donors for active grants
  • to manage budgets and control competitive and external funds in compliance with the applicable regulations and CRG policies


Gabriele Picarella


Telephone: 933160205

Position: Head of Grants Office

Arantxa Ferrer Lluch


Telephone: 933160262

Position: Grants Specialist - National & International

Clara López Colomer


Telephone: 933160104

Position: Grants Assistant & Ethics Advisor

Stefan Ponisch


Telephone: 93 316 02 64

Position: Funds Manager - SB Programme

Olga Juderías Gil


Telephone: 933160298

Position: Funds Manager - BG Programme

Gemma Salvadó Moreu


Telephone: 933160241

Position: Funds Manager - Institutional Projects

Marta Sallés Aromir


Telephone: 933160164

Position: Grants Specialist - Predoc & Postdoc Fellowships

Sandrine Schwartz


Telephone: 933160108

Position: Funds Manager - GRSCC Programme

Anna Sillero


Telephone: 933160157

Position: Funds Manager - CDB Programme and CNAG

José Fernández Potensa


Telephone: 933160225

Position: Grants Specialist - National & International

Mónica Sánchez Marcos


Telephone: 933160253

Position: Grants Technician

Erica Delucchi


Telephone: 933160234

Position: Grants Specialist - EC & NIH