"Science at the CRG" workshop

"Science at the CRG" workshop"Science at the CRG" workshop

"The cell, a well-organised factory"

The Centre for Genomic Regulation organises the educational programme “Science at the CRG”, for children between 8 and 12 years old. 

Kids can put on a white coat, be researchers for a whole morning and explore the world of the cell. All this via different experiments that they will carry out in the CRG facilities. They will also have the opportunity to visit the laboratories at the centre, and discover various aspects of the real research being undertaken by the CRG research groups. 

The primary school students will learn about, experience and be questioned on various aspects of the cell and its function, while finding out what the current state of research in this field is. The various activities that the students will carry out include experiments, questions, craft and even a play.

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