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PRBB-CRG Sessions Igor Ulitsky

PRBB-CRG Sessions Igor UlitskyPRBB-CRG Sessions Igor Ulitsky

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PRBB-CRG Sessions Igor Ulitsky


02/09/202412:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsIgor UlitskyWeizmann Institute of Science"Cis- and trans-acting gene regulation by long noncoding RNAs"Host: Eva NovoaAbstract:Given the growing number of lncRNAs implicated in human disease or required for proper development, fundamental questions that need to be addressed are: Which lncRNAs are functional? How is functional information encoded in the lncRNA sequence? Is this information interpreted in the context of the mature or the nascent RNA? What are the identities and functional roles of specific sequence domains within lncRNA genes? These are challenging questions, primarily because of the substantial heterogeneity in mechanisms utilized by lncRNAs and the current paucity of lncRNAs with well-understood mechanisms. We are tackling these questions by combination of experimental methods with a focus on lncRNA functions in early cell fate decisions and computational methods focused on lncRNA evolution. I will describe our efforts to decode conserved combinations of short functional sequence elements and structural motifs in lncRNAs, with a particular focus on the CHASERR/CHD2 and NORAD/PUM1+2 axes.