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PRBB Computational Genomics Seminars Luis Fernández

PRBB Computational Genomics Seminars Luis FernándezPRBB Computational Genomics Seminars Luis Fernández

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PRBB Computational Genomics Seminars Luis Fernández


15/04/202112:00OnlinePRBB Computational Genomics SeminarsLuis FernándezComparative Genomics (Tomás Marqués' lab), IBE-CNAGTranscriptome evolutionary dynamics in primates assessed by full-length isoform sequencingHost: Garrido Enamorado, RominaAbstract:Register in advance for this webinar:

Transcriptomic diversity is known to have a fundamental role in recent human evolution. To understand the evolution of isoform complexity in human and non-human primates, we defined a set of high-quality transcriptomes by long and short reads complemented with mass spectrometry proteomics in a panel of LCLs from human, great apes and rhesus macaque. Isoform sequencing revealed thousands of novel transcripts (some of them with evidence of protein translation), highlighting the incompleteness of current reference annotations. Despite a large transcriptomic conservation, we observed a number of lineage- and species-specific isoforms mainly generated by alternative splicing events. Species-specific transcripts were more frequently observed for genes associated with the immune system, consistent with their fast evolutionary rates at the sequence level. Furthermore, interspecies differential isoform and exon usage analyses showed lineage-specific preferences in the relative transcript expression, with differentially spliced regions displaying an enrichment in untranslated and low inclusion regions, transposable elements and segmental duplications. We also characterized and manually curated a collection of fusion transcripts identified by Iso-seq, which were mostly conserved across primates.