1. Can I apply if I have not finished my university studies?

You can only apply either if you hold a Masters Degree or equivalent or an equivalent University Degree that allows you to start a PhD thesis in the candidate’s home country by September 2018

2. Can international students apply (those outside of EU/EEA)?

There are no nationality restrictions. Students of all nationalities can apply for the CRG PhD Programme.

3. Should I contact a specific Group Leader to discuss my application?

It is not necessary to contact the supervisor to discuss your application. In the application form, you will be asked to indicate your preferred research groups.


4. How can I submit my application?

Applications for the International CRG PhD Fellowship  Programme are accepted exclusively online through the online application system, which is available on the CRG website.

You will be required to submit the name of 2 referees together with the application form. You will only be able to submit the application once all mandatory fields, including uploaded reference letters by referees, have been completed. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that the referees will complete the reference letters before the call deadline.

Once the application is submitted, you will be able to download the final application and will receive automatically by email an acknowledgement of receipt with a reference number which should be included in any further correspondence.

5. Do I need to register to submit an application?

Yes. To submit a new application please, go to the online application system, click on “Start new application”, complete and save the mandatory personal details. If the registration was successful you will receive an automatic email confirming your registration and providing the login details. You will be able to complete the rest of the application before logging out or alternatively you can log out and continue working on the application later and until the call deadline.

6. May I provide the reference letters on behalf of my referees?

No. Once you have completed the names and contact details of the referees on the online application system, the referees will receive an automatic email and will be invited to complete the reference letter via a link. Once the reference letters have been uploaded, the “status” tab of your application will change to “completed”. In case you wish to cancel your request for a reference letter, please click on the "Cancel request" button, in the "References" tab of your application.

When you submit your application please contact your referees to confirm that they have received our reference request email (these emails sometimes get blocked by university security systems or end up in spam folders). Please help your referees meet the call deadline by informing them of your application, and encouraging them to submit their reference soon after receipt of our email.

NOTE: If you leave your application until the closing date, your referees will only have a short time to return your reference.

7. Who should I name as referees?

Your referees should be 2 scientists who are familiar with your academic work and/or research experience and who can judge your potential as a PhD student.

Please select your referees carefully: one must be your current or most recent employer/supervisor, at least one must be able to comment on your university academic record, and at least one must be able to comment on your previous research experience.

8. I made a mistake in my application and I have submitted it - can I change it?

No, you cannot make changes to submitted applications, and we will not do so on your behalf. Therefore please double-check your application before submission.

9. Can I submit two fellowship applications to the call?

No, you may only submit one application.

10. When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications for the 2018 PhD Programme is 12.00 noon (GMT) on Sunday 14 January, 2018.


11. Which are the evaluation criteria for the applications?

The selection of the fellows will be in different steps (pre-selection based on the CV, evaluation of the CV by the prospective Group Leaders and oral interview) and based on the candidates’ academic qualifications and research excellence as described on the website. The call calendar for the selection round is available on the website.

11. Does the selection process involve an interview?

Yes, pre-selected candidates will be invited to attend an oral interview. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the CRG.

12. When will I know if my application has been pre-selected? When will candidates be informed about the final results?

Pre-selected and non pre-selected candidates will be informed by mid-January. Successful and non-successful candidates after the interviews will be informed by the end of March, 2018.

13. If my application is successful, when will the fellowship start?

Selected candidates should start their fellowships at earliest on Sept, 1st. 2018

14. Do I need to register separately with a university to do my PhD at CRG?

Yes. Students are free to register with the University of their choice, normally a local one (Universitat Pompeu Fabra or Universitat de Barcelona). You complete your coursework at the university, while concurrently doing practical training and work toward your thesis in a CRG research laboratory.