Sequencing technologies

Sequencing technologiesSequencing technologies


The sequencing field has experienced a major shift with the introduction of innovative, high-throughput sequencing technologies. The Genomics Unit at the CRG is presently equipped with Illumina sequencing technology.

Sequencing service is offered to the CRG, PRBB, and external users. We perform ChIP-Seq, mRNA-Seq, sequencing of small RNA molecules such as miRNA, amplicon sequencing, genome re-sequencing, and de novo sequencing.

Starting from DNA or RNA samples provided to us, the service includes: 

1. Sequencing library preparation incl. attachment of platform-specific adapters
2. Library quality control
3. Library quantification
4. Performing the sequencing run
5. Basecalling data, sequence data quality control, making data available (sequence files, quality files, alignment files)
Please contact for requests.

Guidelines for ordering sequencing services of the Genomics Unit

1. Before bringing samples to the Unit, please discuss the project with us. You can send an e-mail ( with an outline of your project, so that we can design the experiments in detail and find the best strategy for dealing with your project.

2. Based on the agreed procedure, we will issue a quotation for the service.

3. Following your approval of the service quotation (please indicate which account can be charged for the work), please submit your samples to the Unit’s staff, along with the filled request form (contact and wait for the Unit approval).

4. Once your samples have arrived in the Unit, we can start planning with them (sample preparation; quality check; assigning the samples to sequencing runs).

5. If you have specific technical questions or concerns about your samples, contact us (

6. We are happy to assist in the analysis of the data together with the Bionformatics Unit.

7. Once you have analyzed your data, any feedback is welcome. The Unit depends on your input to improve the services that we offer!