Open Science

Open Science

Open Science at the CRG

Open Science aims to open up the research process by fostering open access to publications, open and FAIR data, open tools, open peer review, research integrity, stakeholder engagement and citizen science.

At the CRG we promote Open Science to make our research more collaborative, reproducible, and accessible, and to engage all levels of an inquiring society.

Our main activities focus on:


 “I am open in order to be more efficient. When you think about the most efficient systems it is clear that this system is open”.

Gullaume Filion, Leader of the Genome Architecture Group


“I am open in order to bring together different actors in research from policy makers, different organisations and other scientists from different disciplines to ultimately build more trust into science.”

Michela Bertero, head of International and Scientific Affairs, member of OSPP

“I am open in order to help science contribute more to society. Opening science up and making it more transparent is an excellent way to foster collaboration and also to engage citizens to participate”.

Toni Hermoso, Bioinformatician, Bioinformatics Unit