Objectives and Activities

Objectives and ActivitiesObjectives and Activities


  • Provide strategic advice and support to the Director
  • Strengthen international impact of the institute
  • Create opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Foster scientific talent through integrated training



  • Support and coordinate the development of the CRG strategy plan and key institutional policies
  • Manage and analyze the CRG scientific publications to inform the institute´s strategy
  • Foster and coordinate institutional projects and initiatives to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, mostly in the field of translational research
  • Foster and coordinate institutional alliances and partnerships
  • Prepare new competitive projects coordinated by the CRG
  • Manage coordinated and strategic competitive projects
  • Foster and organize international courses on key topics of expertise of the CRG
  • Plan and organize internal training activities for the scientific community, including courses to boost scientific/technological and complementary skills.