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Job opportunities


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External Jobs

The external job offers list is updated and available in our Alumni job section.

Being one of the Institutes forming the EU-Life Alliance, CRG shares the principles to support and strengthen European research excellence and, therefore, encourages you to check Jobs @ EU-LIFE institutes section where you can find job opportunities from 13 top research centres in life sciences.


Catalan Refugee Program

The CRG collaborates with the Catalan Refugee Program and is willing to recruit refugees and asylum seekers on an open, transparent and merit-based process. CRG offers and promotes a diverse and inclusive environment and welcomes applicants regardless of age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation. Refugees and asylum seekers will compete on the same basis as non-refugee applicants.

Applicants are welcome to apply to any offers above.


In case you would like to join CRG team and you cannot find any suitable position currently open, please submit a general application through the link below.