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International & Scientific Affairs

International & Scientific Affairs


The ISA mission is to strengthen the international and interdisciplinary dimension of the institute and create new opportunities in projects, training and collaborations for the scientific community.


  • Provide strategic advice and support to the Director
  • Strengthen international impact of the institute
  • Create opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Foster scientific talent through integrated training


  • Support and coordinate the development of the CRG strategy plan and key institutional policies
  • Manage and analyze the CRG scientific publications to inform the institute´s strategy
  • Foster and coordinate institutional projects and initiatives to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, mostly in the field of translational research
  • Foster and coordinate institutional alliances and partnerships
  • Prepare new competitive projects coordinated by the CRG
  • Manage coordinated and strategic competitive projects
  • Coordinate the CRG international undergraduate, PhD and postdoctoral programmes, including personalized guidance to CRG students
  • Foster and organize international courses on key topics of expertise of the CRG
  • Plan and organize internal training activities for the scientific community, including courses to boost scientific/technological and complementary skills


Michela Bertero, PhD
Head of International and Scientfic Affairs
Michela is responsible of coordinating the ISA team. She obtained her Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Pavia, followed by 6 years of postdoctoral experience in structural and molecular biology in Vancouver, Canada, and in Munich, Germany (resulting in 11 peer-reviewed publications and one book chapter). She has nine years of professional experience in research management.
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Ester Montava
Executive Assistant
Ester provides administrative and organizational assistance to ISA as Executive Assistant. She initially worked as Assistant to the CRG CEO. She graduated in Art History. Before joining the CRG, she worked more than 21 years in a multinational private company, having attended throughout her career complementary formation in Secretarial tasks, Sales techniques and Management. 
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Imma Falero
Academic Officer
Imma provides individual and personalised guidance and support to undergraduate, Masters and PhD students. She is also responsible for implementation of the CRG International undergraduate, PhD, and Postdoctoral Programmes, and acts as a liaison between Universities and CRG researchers. Imma studied English Language and Literature (UB) and obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Technical translation and electronic tools (URV). Parallel to her work she has been undertaking a Library an Information Sciences Degree at the Catalan Open University (UOC), which she will complete in 2016. 
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Sonja Reiland, PhD
Scientific Project Manager
Sonja is responsible for the preparation and successful management of CRG coordinated projects, and she coordinates specific international and institutional collaborations. She obtained her PhD in biochemistry at ETH Zurich, followed by 1.5 years post-doctoral experience at EMBL Heidelberg. Her areas of research included Proteomics, Plant Physiology and Biotechnology as well as Stem Cell Biology. Sonja worked for BASF in Ludwigshafen for 2 years as an Information Professional and managed a project on text mining technology implementation.
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Joaquim Calbó, PhD
Scientific Project Manager
Joaquim is responsible for the preparation and successful management of CRG coordinated projects. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona, followed by 6-year post-doctoral experience at the NKI (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). He moved back to Barcelona as Research Associate at the IRB Barcelona, where he was the recipient of a Marie Curie fellowship and earned experience as scientific manager. Joaquim complemented his education with short courses on the topics of intellectual property, quality and innovation management and leadership, and he obtained a Master Degree of Research Management at the Barcelona School of Management (IDEC-UPF).
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Jonas Krebs, PhD
Scientific Project Manager
Jonas is responsible for the preparation and successful management of CRG coordinated projects. Jonas obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Potsdam, Germany, followed by 5 years work experience in professional networking, project development and research management. He developed special expertise in EU research funding amongst other through a stay in the European Parliament and the "Certificate EU-liaison officer", which he received from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
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Natalia Dave, PhD
Scientific Project Manager
Natalia is responsible for the preparation and successful management of CRG coordinated projects. She graduated from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a PhD in biophysics. She has 10+ years of research experience in biophysics, proteomics and molecular biology. She was lecturer of Biochemistry at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and awarded with AECC postdoctoral grant at IMIM. She has also gained experience in website promotion and community management. Alongside with her main career, Natalia is committed to philanthropy as a Fundraiser manager at Fundación Vencer el Cáncer (VEC).
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Ruben Ventura Masip, PhD
Scientific Project Manager
Ruben is responsible for the preparation and successful management of CRG coordinated projects. He obtained his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Barcelona, and worked for the pharmaceutical industry at Eli Lilly. He obtained a Master in Project Management, after which he worked for more than 4 years in managing European Projects in both companies and research institutions.
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